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[Hook: Jay Rock]
Keeping it G ain't nuttin, you ain't gotta like it cause the hood gone love it
You ain't gotta like it cause the hood gone love it
Watch a young nigga show his ass out in public
I got the whole block bumpin
You ain't gotta like it cause the hood gone love it
You ain't gotta like it cause the hood gone love it

Watch a young nigga show his ass out in public

[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
Na na na na now now you know what this is
Tell em its a celebration bitches
With the barbeque pits and the mini-bikes
Mini-skirts, Hennessys, and the Miller Lights

Domino tables, who got big 6?
Where I'm from we do concrete backflips
Flip flop flip flop flip flop back
To the ghetto's where I bring hip hop back

Real niggas love me, they tell me keep it pushin
The only niggas speak from way inside Central Bookings
County jails and the lock downs up north
Said I should have it if Scarface pass the torch
Thats how they feel Jack, built much more than rap
This that project haircut in the culdesac
This is where Jose front you them quarters at
Meet your quota whenever I put a quote on a track


[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
From Compton to Baltimore I'mma kill it
I buy a morgue in the minute

The public house, the plastic couch of a section 8 tenant
The Regal window is tinted
The air conditioner broke but I'm cool enough to ensure you my ride is an Eskimo
, huh?
And I peel off in the midst of getting my thrills off
And I thrive off energies from the inner cities that we lost, huh?
I'm putting the ghetto on top of my back
And I live in the back of the jungle
Lions, tigers, bears, oh my
Hear the siren, walk up, (*pow pow*) drive by
Shooters, looters, federal fed intruders
The engines on back of scooters

The real can recognize real and we need to know just who you are
You are in the presence of many presents
Kendrick the gift for the future oh yeah I said it

Thug life, good kid mad city mad respect representin the hub right


[Verse 3: Jay Rock]
The home girls tells me I'm the shit
I break them off so they can buy some outfits
I buy them sons a pack of pampers, some new jordans
Give em the game, school em on whats really important
It's how I was raised, the og's had me

13 fresh off the porch, slangin' cavi
But I'm wiser now, show all my young niggas
There's other ways you get them dollars and funds niggas
Coming down in an old school, so cool
Whip like a fire ball call it Goku
You don't know the tribulations that we go through
Put your ears to the speakers I'mma show you

I paint the picture so perfect
In my cd you see Mona Lisa in person
Courtesy of a hunnit beat
Got my crips and esse's at arm reach, one West


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