Jay Z – Glory Lyrics

Produced By: The Neptunes

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The most amazing feeling I feel
Words can't describe the feeling, for real

Baby, I paint the sky blue
My greatest creation was you, you: Glory

[Verse 1]
False alarms and false starts
All made better by the sound of your heart

All the pain of the last time
I prayed so hard it was the last time

Your mama said that you danced for her
Did you wiggle your hands for her?

Glory! Glory!
Glory! Sorry

Everything that I prayed for
God's gift, I wish I woulda prayed more

God makes no mistakes, I made a few
Rough sledding here and there, but I made it through
I wreak havoc on the world
Get ready for part two

A younger, smarter, faster me
So a pinch of Hov, a whole glass of Bey


[Verse 2]
Your Grandpop died a nigga failure
Then he died of liver failure
Deep down he was a good man

Goddamn, I can't deliver failure
Bad-ass lil Hov
Two years old, shopping on Savile Row
Wicked-ass lil B
Hard not to spoil you rotten, looking like little me
The most beautifulest thing in this world
Is daddy's little girl
You don't yet know what swag is but you was made in Paris
And Mama woke up the next day and shot her album package
Last time the miscarriage was so tragic
We was afraid you'd disappear,
but nah, baby, you magic (voilà)
So there you have it, shit happens
Just make sure the plane you on is bigger than your carry-on baggage
Everybody go through stuff
Life is a gift, love, open it up
You're a child of destiny
You're the child of my destiny

You're my child with the child from Destiny's Child
That's a hell of a recipe
Glory! Glory!
Glory! Sorry


[Blue Ivy Carter]
*baby noises*

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