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[Hook x2]
All the gold, the gold
All the gold, the gold
And the girls (and the girls)
In the world (in the world)

Is it ever gonna be enough?

[Verse One]
Babe, I know that you were lost in my direction
So I came up with a plan to capture your attention
Please pardon my manners, I've never seen perfection
So I guess it's only time to make use of my discretion
I can take you to the coast tonight
And have you laying somewhere by the ocean right
I'm just trying to get my notions right
And I'm classy, you dealing with the most polite
Babe, I believe every word that you're telling me
Your girlfriends hating, I can sense jealousy
The big man on campus, I'll serve for your love I'm the rap Pete Sampras
And you can be anything you can be, especially when you around me
And you can have

[Hook x2]

[Verse Two]
I wanna be the man you wanna be with
The one that can lend you a hand when you need it
And I'm not gonna keep you my secret
I'm gonna tell it to the world and repeat it
You got a man? Forget him for a while
Let him go baby, you look sexy when you smile
And baby everything is golden
My truth and my heart, baby everything is open
You want the world, I can tell em it
You shop like them girls in Connecticut
You got dirt in the past, you can settle it
And I can leave dude for the etiquette
And you can be anything you can be, especially when you around me
And you can have

[Hook x2]

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