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[Verse 1]
Everybody wants to be loved
So we try again, try and get some company thugs
Like we work there
Like we are punking the system, getting jerked there
For the workload, and at your worst low
You reverse-breathe, forget your birthright
Forget your own worth, forget the first night
That you discovered how beautiful this art is
When you embarked on your journey to depart this
Normalized, formal-ass, formalized world
But to form your last words is

"The world is mine" is just the perfect line for us
Get us all Scarface'd up
The relation of coming from nothing to everything does explain us
Got nothing to do with drugs (in most cases)

Heart crises seem more superfluous
So it's the curse of us

And fuck dating us
Cause we some crazy motherfuckers
Our natures don't call for being reined in more places than everywhere
Bury it here, your pride, c'mon
Got nothing to lose, got nothing to prove
I define my place as homeostasis
With Chromeo bass riffs and "Homey don't play this"

But no, we won't play this
With tonys and geishas
With Kick-Ass and Hit Girl, lonely ovations
With phony oasises, Romeo playlists
Chrome to your faces
Urban legend like a Chupacabra with the blah-blah
I know I don't exist, mute la palabra

Mutant demi-god, Zeus said that I was half-Artemis
Or maybe Aphrodite -- haven't lived half of my life, B

So I haven't decided yet who's inside of me

And I don't really want to choose anything
If I have to; semi-automatic wedding ring
To shoot through these blues with a dude who
Makes the days less fuckery-infused

I'm trying to tell your people to fuck with this cruise
You just want tomfoolery

And I'm not who you are, or who I used to be
I'm not every day, I'm not usually

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