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Cause I get allot of that, I get allot of that
Put your hands in the air, if you get allot of that
If you get allot of that, I get allot of that
Put your hands in the air if you get allot of that

[Hook x2]
Let's talk about hate, cause I get allot of that
Talk about money, cause I get allot of that
I get allot of that, I get allot of that
I get allot of that, cause I get allot of that

[Verse 1]
This can't be it man, this shit too stressful
Is that what it is, I'm too successful

Maybe I'm to good to hood, low down no good
I just keep shit real, just like you should

Twist my fingers, throw up my hood
Let's get this money, I know I would
I know that's right, but still we do wrong
J-bo got 30, but still we moved on
Get them clamps out, get my groove on
I stay iced out, get my cool on
Best be cool homes, get my goon on

I'll bust them tools homes, get my news on


[Verse 2]
They say young fell off, yeah the boy done lost it
Been porting all my life baby, I'm just exhausted
I take a Gatorade break to get everything straight

Now I'm sittin here like how much Gatorade make
How much money would it take to make some mo money
Damn right a nigga straight come get some mo from me

I sold millions, made them millions
But still yaw doubt me, what's this with out me

Can't be that bad, still got my trap swag
And everytime I do a show I leave with a trap bag
Money in trash bags, I call that garbage
20 thousand a trash bag, It looks like garbage


[Verse 3]
I get allot of that allot of this, I need allot of it
Sit on my bedroom floor counting all of it

That money be ludacris, it just might shock you
If you can't find chaka, then my right hands kinky

Look I am simply on of the best
Can't even lie I can't vouch for the the rest

Just like zip lock, they get killed in the plastic
Best add five grams so u can weigh it in plastic
I am so dirty, they wrap me in plastic
When they wrap me in plastic need to put me in traffic
They say that I'm difficult, even different
Show me the difference, I'll bring you the difference


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