Jeremiah Jae – Catfight Lyrics

Produced By: Flying Lotus

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Baby, working all day, she don't even sleep
Took her out to eat, but she ain't even eat
Shawty sure bad, watch her work with her feet
Feet like her head, she just move to the beat
Beat til we dead on the beat, rest in peace
Black jungle squad, when we step roll deep
Even if it's like two or three
Crooked police, tryna slow down the beat
Her heart beat like she running from the bees
See G's like the rock n roll speak
Chief like chiefs, nigga N.I.E
Sonny hype, shawty eye fuckin me
[?] to the [?], nigga call em like I see
Started in the rags, holey socks, loose jeans
Now bitches say this is interesting
Investing on the beat, speak crack floors
Packed floors, moved on to the roof view
Party til we dead, resurrect at the funeral
Black tie affair, you act wild who cares
Sitting taking pictures while the underdog tears
This is dipped in the finest gully shares
Jeremiah signatures, the empire visit through
You through, this is miserable

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