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I just can't seem to get enough of you
The way you are, our love seems so true
Standard lines, but the way it is
All I wanna do is, I love you, say it 'n kiss
Wanna be with you but the distance makes it hard
But baby don't forget I love you with all my heart
This feeling in my stomach is killing me
So many butterflies, they're filling me
I might explode out of love crazyness
Don't do my homework, my parents call it lazyness
But its something different, and only you and me understand
Its that moment Im waiting for, watch thunder, grab ur hand
Make sure you feel fine, dont need to be afraid
We keep skyping, deep in the night, till way too late
But its the only way I can see you enough
Its hard, just again showing life is rough
But we will just fight the time together
Cuz what's time if we can be forever
I can't get enough of your smile
The way you are, your style
You're my everything, my everything
My everythinggg everything
'n I can't sing, ButILoveYou

Nobody seems to understand what we have
If I'd tell my friends they would just laugh
Tell me I'm crazy, loco, insane
Cuz they dont feel the feeling, my heart contains
Its only you on my mind, your filling my brains
I'll be your hero, your spiderman, you be my mary jane
"n this time I ain't talking about the gras
No smoking, I couldn't care less
Its just you, she, her
Your skin, so soft like fur
Your eyes sparkling like a clean lake
An angel not containing any mistake
It seems you're the one I been waiting for
The one, I'll get hated for
But I feel good with you in this cruel world
Feel like I can fight it, if you be my girl

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