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Jewlz 4,764


About Jewlz

Justin Eric Merino (born October 21st, 1991), better known as Jewlz, is an up-and-coming rap artist from Central Florida, signed to Phenomenal Music Group. He started his career on YouTube, gaining popularity through his songs “Confessions,” “Look What You’ve Done & “Hard To Let Go” he is known for his honesty in his lyrics. In 2011 he a released a mixtape titled Glorification IV, which was one of his more successful mixtapes in the YouTube circuit.

In 2013 he released his highly acclaimed mixtape Tranquility which received positive reviews for its dark but honest tone, in which he touches on many topics regarding his exes in Letter To My Exes, his father in Fatherless, & even having a conversation with his deceased grandmother in Hey Grandma Pt. 2, Jewlz wears his heart on his sleeve in his music.

Jewlz’s Top 5 MCs

Jewlz also goes by an alias, ZeRo: “There was a character on one of my favorite movies, ‘A Bronx Tale,’ named Nicky Zero. His mother called him Zero because she said he wouldn’t amount to anything. Ever since I started making music I was told the same thing so I felt a connection with the character.”