Jhene Aiko – Do Better Blues Lyrics

Produced By: J.LBS

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[Intro: HOPE]
Aye (3x)
First I saw you, Aye
Then I liked you, Aye
Now I love you, Aye
Now I fight you, Aye

If I could do better
Then you could better too
But I don't want better
It only gets better with you

[Verse 1: HOPE]
My gut told me "stay and leave"
Now that's a crazy way to start a verse, ain't it?
Uh. I got advice from both Jay and Steve
My business needs me focused, this focus is what I need
Baby, we don't need to chop it up. Darling, we need to cleav
Instead of yelling, fussing loud, cussing in the street
So grow the fuck up one time my baby, please
Know this pride is gon' kill us and yo friends don't feel us but...

[Hook: Jhené]
If I could do better
Then you can do better too
But I don't want better
Cause I'm only better with you. whoa

If you could do better
Then I can do better too
But I don't need better
It only gets better with you

[Verse 2: Jhené]
If I am your rib then you are my shoulder
I'll be your rock cause you are my boulder
When we're together, they can't stop both us
They can't stop both us
They they they can't stop both us

And my only plans with you are
A one life stand with you

The wrong that keeps me right and
The light that keeps me guided
Ooh. whoa oh

[Hook: Jhené]

[Bridge x4: HOPE]
In a relationship she wants 3 things
Eyes that won’t cry
Lips that won’t lie
Love that won’t die

[Verse 3: HOPE]
Look here...
Baby, I want you more than anything
Believe this shit or not
I'm your rock, I'm your black knight,baby I'm ya Pac
I'm ya Clyde, you my Bonnie
Murder Mami from the spot
We gon' make it through the rough patch
And make it to the top
Baby, see you my real, future mother of my kids
I know you gon forgive me for the dumb shit I did
You know I'm gon forgive you for the dumb shit you did
One love. One heart. But you need new friends
Take that witcha

[Hook: Jhené]

[Bridge: HOPE]

[Hope while Jhene Sings Hook]
Cook that bitch
Cook that bitch
Cook that bitch,
what? [2xs]

[Continue with Hook until song fades]

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