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It's like I've been waiting my whole life for this
For this chance, for y'all to hear me
Some things I gotta get off my chest though
Just so y'all know
Uh, yeah

[Verse 1 - Jin]
They say only the good die young
And wit that said
Ain't don't get no better than me
Ain't coming for my head
I represented for y'all when I came through the market
By becoming who I am, I became a target
And what hurts is all the bullshit comes from my own kind
They say Jin's fake, "He don't keep it real in his rhymes
He make us look soft
That kid ain't commit no crimes"

You damn right
Want me to say it? Then fine
I ain't a killer I ain't a gangster and I ain't no thug
I don't walk around wit guns and I don't sell drugs
I'm not a murderer; I ain't never said I was
So what the fuck y'all hating on me for, huh?
Listen to me

[Hook - Lyfe]
See I don't really hold no grudge (Ohhh!)
So crucified Cadillac
My mama would be so disgusted (Ohhh!)
If she knew the way these grown folks act
See I won't let them cramp my style, no (Nooo!)
And I won't let them hold me down, no (Nooo!)
You tell her that I'm okay
You tell her that I'll make a way, somehow

[Verse 2 - Jin]
"Eh yo Jin, you Double R, bust ya guns"
I ain't about that shit

Trouble just comes my way
I don't invite that shit
I got a career here
I ain't looking for fights to pick
Got more pain in my heart than I knew could exist
Like that night they pulled them guns out and banged my man
I was like fuck rap; I almost had a change of plans
(Word) He took a bullet for me; how I'm gon repay that man
What if he would've died? What I'm supposed to say to his fam?
The life I chose endangered all my family and friends

Some shit I wish I could change, but can't promise I can
People are killed to get to the position I'm at
Only to die here and find out it ain't worth that
Still want to rap?

[Hook - Lyfe]

[Verse 3 - Jin]
That's how they getting down
Two turntables and a rapper that was that was
That was how they did it then, this how they do it now
Twenty young men wit they gats up
Got to travel like that or they'll try to attack us
(That's how they getting down)
The greats settled they beef wit rap battles
Let's go; that's how they did it then, this how they do it now
If they ain't better than you, now they shooting at you
Know it sounds tragic, but hey, you know
That's how they getting down
So what I'm supposed to do
Keep twenty bodyguards, and a large entourage
Cuz everybody's hard
Sometimes I wonder what happened to love and respect
All I see now is hatred and death
(That's how they did it then, this how they do it now)

[Hook - Lyfe]

[Lyfe] (Jin)
You tell her that I'm okay (uh)
You tell her that I'll make a way somehow (Tell her I'll be okay)
You tell her that I'm okay (uh)
You tell her that I'll make a way somehow (Talk to them Lyfe, yeah)
Tell her that I'm okay (Tell her)
And I made a way (I'ma be okay, we all gon be okay)
Girl, on my own, my way, girl (uh)

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