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[Verse 1: Joe Budden]
Check it… baby sweetie lady darling
It don’t, get no better than this
And I know, guys will go to any measure to hit

But I hope, you don’t use that as a measuring stick
They priorities is off, busy treasuring whips
I just like the opportunity of pleasuring miss

Since I never met another that get wetter than this
Anytime I'm tour you’ll forever be missed

Cause I knew she was a fantasy dream
Every Sunday all she worry about is her fantasy team

And anytime shorty speed pass in that E-Class
Body so sick that I always wanna tea bag
So I spend, hit a mall maybe Soho
Cause how she blessed me, swore her jaw broke though

Her sex to me, is like a midnight ecstasy
So the bar could be closed as long as she next to me

Baby I’m Tipsy, so let’s stay love drunk
Baby I’m Tipsy, so let’s stay love drunk
Oh Baby I’m Tipsy, so let’s stay love drunk
Let's stay love drunk, let's stay love drunk
See baby I'm Tipsy,so let’s stay love drunk
Baby I’m Tipsy, so let’s stay love drunk
Oh Baby I’m Tipsy off you, so let’s stay love drunk
Let's stay love drunk, let's stay love drunk

[Verse 2: Joe Budden]
Check it.. see the beauty of it all is
We could both have whoever we please
But ummm, we’d only be fooling ourselves
Cause it seems without each other we would never be pleased
It’s much more than her body though I value her ways
See shorty knows the value of space, she don’t crowd me
Open minded, know she don’t got all the answers
When we hit the strip club she tipping all the dancers
I’m trying to show you things that you ain’t used to
Talking water front villas out in St. Lucia

Turn our cells off, nothing else matters
Took it slow but it couldn’t happen any faster
She don’t go through the phone
She say if that’s necessary than she rather be alone

Can tell she for real by the sound of her tone
Shorty grown, no chaser she got me in the zone


[Verse 3: Joe Budden]
Best part about it all it’s not difficult
You such a standout, nowhere near typical
Plus you let me be my own individual
You know if you support me you’ll get every residual

And when girls try to tell you that I’m cheating
You agree saying they don’t even know the half
Cause how I got shorty, it ain’t even fair
Though it all adds up they can’t seen to do the math

[Break: Emanny]
No Henn’ or glass of Rosé (Rosé)
Could make my world spin around just like you do
They just don’t taste the same
Got me buzzed off the love you gave (ya gave)
No way I see straight after one sip from you, oh


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