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[Verse 1]
Concrete thoughts, my mama always said that I was hard-headed
Flow sounding like God sent it, his heart centered, he's authentic
Flow sick, nauseous with a cough in it
And it's unfortunate that you be forcing it
When they hear me spit, you forced to quit
My mind is quick, I got the speed of a cheetah
Earned stripes early in the jungle, our generals zebras
And if you need a believer that my shit is dope
Now you see the needle
The people go fetal when I feed em these fevers
I spit them heaters that'll make you dry-heave up
And I leave them in pieces like they play tag with hyenas
Cause of my smart mouth, now they call me a genius
How I'm sonning you niggas, now I'm hotter than Phoenix
I be like, "Fuck what you recording" on the morning that you recording it
You said you rip it, but I tore it and threw it into orbit
And I knew that you'd be for it
I shine sharp like a ruby hornet
Ironic when I set it off, they be like, the dude is on it

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