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[Verse 1]

Patiently waiting
But what about when you've out waited your patience?
Took every bump and bruise
Did everything but lose
Everybody saying you made it
Work so muhfucking hard
Niggas ain't hungry, niggas ain't soft
Saying that the grass look green on the other side
Nigga wouldn't dare step foot in my yard
Angels, demons; shit i got one on each shoulder
Snakes got me surrounded by cobras
Tryna take advantage of all the shit that i showed them
Wasn't smart enough to listen to what i told em
Told em, it don't come over night
Nigga's lose they mind when they over hype
Nigga wanna see the top nigga better get right
How you gonna take flight with a fear of heights
I put on for my city i still got my nigga's with me
That been with me since i had the Jimmy
With the tank on empty
Nigga please i done been through hell
I ain't break a sweat
Ill take on the world by my motherfuckin self
Look homie, lady luck ain't let me fuck
I got my shit the hard way
Realest nigga alive until the day that God say
So till then I'm gonna bring the world havoc
Tell my little cousin Jack I'm still at it


[Verse 2]
See I ain't gon quit
I ain't gon die
Ain't no tears in my mofuckin' eye
What I'm gon' cry over this rap shit
I got too many of my real nigga's in the sky
What you seein' right here
Is the drive of a real nigga
Ever since I was a lil nigga
Ate pain like a meal nigga
From the hood make a hundred dollars look like a mil nigga
Now light skinned hoes
They wanna know where I'm goin'
They wanna know what I'm into
Not knowing what I've been through
So ima fuck you and your friend too
Fuck if i offend you, I'm mental
Cause i deserve that
Greed in your eyes looking right at me
And ima hit this ho
For the nights i use to treat a ho
Like she had

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