Juelz Santana – Kid is Back Lyrics

Produced By: Soul Sizzle

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(Child Whispering)
Hey Jah, I think that Juelz is back in town

[Hook (Child Singing)]
Juelz back and he's better than ever
This is crack and its better than ever
Kick it back cause whatever's whatever
Hey y'all, Hey y'all the kid is back

[Verse 1]
(*Child Singing*)
I'm back and I'm back and I'm back in effect
I'm back and I'm back and I'm back as a matter of fact
I'm jabbin' 'em, jabbin' 'em, jabbin' em, jabbin' 'em back
What's happened has happened and I'm what's happenin' back
I'm packin' the mack in the back of the Cad-di-llac
I'm badder than that and half of the bastards who rap
I'm battin' at that wit' a baseball hat in the back
(*Hey y'all, Hey y'all, The kid is back!*)
I'm fuckin' this track up and fuckin' this track up I'm doin it
I come wit the mack if you bustin' shit back up I'm doin it (Yup!)
He front and he act up there's nothin' to back up and shoot it
(*Hey y'all, Hey y'all, The kid is back!*)
I bubble the crack cause I cut it to packs and I move it
Its nothin' to that but its somethin' to that cause I do it
They runnin' you back, I'm runnin' it back, I move it
(*Hey y'all, Hey y'all, The kid is back!*)

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2]
I'm doper than dope than doper than doper than dope
I'm closer to dope than acutal dope is to dope
I roll it and smoke and I know its potent to smoke (Coughs)
Take coke to the boat, the boat to the ocean and float
I know what I know about hoes and I know that you don't
I know I control 'em, I poke 'em and open 'em slow
I know that I'm flowin' so why stop flowin'? Keep goin'!
(*Hey y'all, Hey y'all, The kid is back!*)
Let's go!
I know that I'm killin' and killin' this shit's what I do
I know them guerillas we all used to chill in the zoo
I know how to get her, kill him and get up to you
(*Hey y'all, Hey y'all, The kid is back!*)
I know that I'm illa than illest and illa than you
Hold up my nigga there's nothin' you niggas could do
My 4 fifth is bigger, I spit it, it enters to you
(*Hey y'all, Hey y'all, The kid is back!*)

[Hook (2x)]

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