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[Hook: Billy Wes]
I gets money. We gets money
Came from the bottom nigga now ain't that somethin?
Been through the struggle but now I see it was worth it
Feels mighty good to shine

[Verse 1: Billy Wes]
Fast life, fast girls
Fast cars getting money in this fast world
I'm getting used to this, and now I'm spoiled rotten
Gimme gimme gimme boy I enjoy stuntin
Ice cold Bombay and the best of Kush
I keep a driver on deck, that's the way I push
Sold out shows. Girls gone wild
Where they clothes go? In the money pile


[Verse 2: Juicy J]
(Let's go. Let's go)
Champagne life. So much money, can't even count it
My account need a accountant to help him out
I can't help it I'm addicted to this lifestyle
Life a bitch but if you pimp her then you might smile
Closet full of Louis. Garage full of toys
My whole family eating like them Jackson boys
It ain't paper chasing if that paper chasing you
I just collect it, sign the checks, I know you hate the truth


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