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[Verse 1]
Let's start
With the stretching

We don't wanna be sore in the morning
Bend you over put your palms on the floor
You like it rough and I'mma start off slow

Get you dripping
Then I slip in

We both tripping off the off the two that we took
Save the the last two for round two

You tired of the old, but you love my new new
You tired of the old, but you love my new new

We're using both sides
Of my brain
Give me brain, this is your time
To show me how bad you want it
How, how bad you want it

Give what you deserve
You're worth it (You, you, you worth it, worth it)
Give what you prefer
You're worth it (You, you, you worth it, worth it)

[Verse 2]
Ooo, you're such a freak
Cardio on A+
Ooo, we need to creep
None of that lovey dovey stuff
Love it when you reach
Burning calories
As I go deep (Deep, deep)
I need to receive (Ceive, ceive)
Your eyes can read (Read, read)
That you want to meet (me, me)
At the top of ecstasy
Every remedy
It will never be the same
Just let it be the reality
The pain, the pleasure
Her in any weather
When it rains, we never stop until we get it
The wetter, the better
Legs are shaking
I think we did it


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