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I'm different, yeah
Tonight I'm different, yeah
You're gonna miss it, oh
You'll get addicted
The way that we live is sporadic
It's magic, oh

She used to poppin' bubbly
We're smoking on the balcony
Ohh and you're stunned by the view, by the view, by the view
Ohh you never knew, never knew, never knew
That this potion, would make you pursue
Things you wouldn't do

And you know what I wanna do, to you, to you, to you

I wanna get involved, and she knew this, knew this
Only for tonight, she said prove it, prove it
We need her, we need her to be alone, alone
We need her, we need her to be alone, alone


The door is closed and we're alone
Leave the lights on, the lights on
Girl let you hair down, your hair down
In this room, anything's allowed
Let the minds connect, and do your thing tonight
It's yours, it's yours, it's yours

How did I forget what tonight has in store

You, You're wanting more and more
You're stroking every board
Hold me, hold me, hold me, baby, baby, baby, bay


[Epic Ass Outro]

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