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[Verse 1]

What a bold faced mockery
How he send em off on them ill fated odysseys
Never thought to care he forgot em like lobotomies
Double os blown cover smoke Sean Connery
Word is Bond in this world of tomfooleries
A dash of buffoonery and hints of mild coonery
Usually lead to beginnings of early eulogies
Kept them goons in streets creeping round ghoulishly
Quiet in in a city that never sleep
Or count sheep
But only peep bo peeps at the swap meat
Wonder if she down to swap meat
Dirty as it be its quite the enjoyable feat
SAVEMONEY whether it be the navy or fleet
Army in the street

Sleet rain snow or muddied feet march
Thats left foot right foot
Uppercut sky hook
Left jab right hook
That be right to kisser never seen it coming
The footwork stayed swifter
Than any other mister

Or mistress
In this case
Race for the first cut no need to discriminate
For pete's sake
Meditate for your mental state
Kept them thoughts sweeter than a pie your own mother bake
Whats cracking homie
Gunshots poppin when them ops is on meeeee like..


Fuck the Opps (Fuck the Opps)[Fuck You] x5

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