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[Verse 1: Kembe X]
I cried about it last night
And now I
Bask in the remains of a broken home
What I retain; a broken heart, some broken phones
Shit never measured, but ain't no pleasure in sulkin homes
I prayed we see a couple seasons together
Ain't had no reason to believe in forever
But it seemed.. my faith would surround me and keep me safe
Already open, guess I'll use my other sleeve
She used to tell me slide when her mama gone
I'd fuck her right, look at the time, it's time to go
Gave me the feelin I was livin, man I'm out and grown..
I'm now mature
I'm not alone
My niggas said I should hit.. and be like fuck her
Don't love her cause ain't no benefit
Split or forever suffer
My ignorance was a bliss, and her kiss was just enough
For the feelings to grow amidst.. my loving wounds from another

But I guess it's
It's all over...Uh x2
Distance pains, we all are
Victims of the scars
But it's life, carry on.. carry far
One love x2

I got a black hole where my heart was
It sucked up all my fucks
Another hole in my soul, obliteratin my luck
My ego done took a hit, and my confidence ain't a thing
My lovin wasn't a bond, my promises ain't a ring
So what's next for a nigga with no soul, and no game?
Should I go fucking with those hoes, for no gain
Or should I sit and watch misery grow amidst
Consequences for a nigga who sick, just adds to yo pain
My mama say desserts'll come with patience
But I'm not the best at waiting.. there's a song for that
Believed in everything she say, guess I was wrong for that
We was compatible, but we don't get along
So raps my only hope
Can't say I won't miss her when she gone
But the lyrics seem to fix more than a swisher or a bong

And it's life, all smiles all pain
In between
Hope we reunite under another name, for now I see it's..

It's all over...Uh x2
Distance pains, we all are
Victims of the scars
But it's life, carry on.. carry far
One love x2

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