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She wanna party all the time

[Verse 1: K.Flay]
I'm a smart girl, who does dumb shit
Spend my paycheck on a ValPak of fun dip
Don't seem to value all the things that I once did
Undid, check the ammo in the gun clip
Tried on a dozen personalities, none fit
Heart broke, my soul done splits
But my hunch is I'll reach a hundred
Cause now my rabies fucking cured but that one's sick
Caught up in something, I said I never would
Feeling the alert, a face I thought I never could
But if, some kind of heaven, when
I get to dim the lights inside my head and wake up at 11
10 o'clock shots, 9 of them told my 8 firms
Double up my drinking, got no patience
7 digits in my right palm
Depending how my mental state when I might call him
6 a.m. driving on the 5
Crossing every line, that's what makes me feel alive
4 me to be 3 sheets in
I need 2 excuses but only 1 reason, and that's
My daddy got them tired of the psycho
Well I'm competent when faded
So that show's you what I'm liable to be on one
Fucked up, Only thing that gets my to fucking shut up


[Verse 2: Danny Brown]


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