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Produced By: Kid Cudi

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[Kid Cudi]
Element of the surprise
Such a spectacular thing I cannot, lie
So many things people wanna limit you to be
I show you a glimmer inside the spectrum of the wizard
Well known as a getter and a nigga with a plan
The negative that come out they mouth, so sad
When I smash wipe the smirk off their face
, my bad
Who bad? I am
, my dad raised one hell of a man
At eleven I had to throw on the pants
Still don't feel appreciated and not by my own fam
All good, I'll be tucked away in them shadows

Workin' in sweats solve the riddle and soon I'm ready for battle
Move my fans with my love and they move me with theirs
We unified by the dark and middle fingers in air
Come on who gon' go half on a zone
Oh, thought I would be done off the coke, no
Let me tell you something ho
Ben said everything that shine ain't gold
Been skeetin' on pretty faces then my heart switched cold
Been the nigga sittin' in hell in fresh ass clothes
I know what it feels like to have a broken nose
And ain't nobody hit you in it
It's really cause that shit that you snorted and put all in it

That time you thought I was finished no I just experimented
And it helped me adjust and be ok, with being demented
By the way nigga these cars ain't rented I give a fuck who sees
So I don't bother rollin' tinted look who the fuck it be

That skinny Cleveland niggie I stay reppin' my city bitch
Been smokin no jokin cudder’s had that itch
So I scratch
, so please no more speculation bout that

Burn baby, burn, truthfully and noted
I’m back so please no more speculation ‘bout that
Burn baby, burn, truthfully and noted

I’m back, niggas think I’m livin life paranoid
(Mothafuck that, man)

Aw, they got me twisted, they don’t know that boy
(Mothafuck them, man)
I’m just gettin busy killin it, gettin busy
(Mothafuck that, man)
I just wanna watch it burn, baby, burn
Niggas think I’m living life paranoid
(Mothafuck that, man)
Aw, they got me twisted, they don't know that boy
(Mothafuck that, man)
I’m just gettin busy killin it, I'm gettin busy
Now it’s time to watch 'em burn baby, burn

[King Chip]
Ahhh, my leg!

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