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[Verse 1 - Kid Cudi]
What up
How is everyone doing
You are now in the world I am ruling

Take a minute to adjust for the wonderous
Clusterfuck of fun and enchantment

I promise you some Generation-Next shit
Speak with the seller who I left with
Parallel levels in the dark, dark place
Tricked all you niggas to a dark, dark fate
And guided you all with a smile up on my face
As the sun kisses us on the foreheads gently

Gentle with the drugs, heavy with the love
And my speeches on stage rock mountains from a club
Money doesn't move me except on the literal
G4 flights, now we're off to Australia
I wanna see more of the world

These are more than just words, these are facts from a winner

[Refrain: Cee-Lo]
This is a journey into the horizon
You can see past if it's real to you
We can meet on the other side
On the other side

[Verse 2]
What up
How is everyone feeling

I hope you understand what you're hearing
Take a minute to roll up for the wonderous
Clusterfuck of darkness and evil

I will play the Yin and the Yang for you
And my jeans will be all for the love of skinnies
Ugraded, fitted into the T
Work hard, make sure I don't become a memory
Hard to press on when the memories remember me
And they always find the perfect moment
High speed, my momentum won't slow up none
Lost in the wind, I've lost all my friends
Maybe they were never meant to be acquainted

Money seems to make everything tainted
Everybody mad cause they stuck
Where I knew em last

Took what I wanted and I did it all blunted


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