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Stop that, stop the madness! I rap off the dome! Let's do it
Just make sure the beat is... in the room. Make sure it's... it sounds good for me! Yeap!

First thing's first, if I ever curse, since my birth
Came through the room, had to rock shit all day
If I'm in the tomb, mothafuckas' better give me room
I'm fighting with the demons 'til im done dude
While I consume the Henny
Work for every penny I'mma grinder
Ask about a nigga and your girl, I will find her!
Yeah, the Jesus piece blind her
Yeah, check the baby girl, right, I'm behind her
Ask what she wanna do?
If she wanna sip and dip?
If she wanna roll baby, girl we can do it, biatch!
I'mma show you 'bout the Double O'
Show you 'bout Cleveland City

Show you how da grind go
Hey! Baby girl wanna meet Yeezy?
Come ride in the Benzy

We gon' take a ride, we gon' ride down in Hollywood
Holla' at me homeboy like it's Hollygood
Yeah, I wish you would get outta' line!
Never "Chris Brown" a ho, but I'm on the grind
Lemme' tell you 'bout the "New Shit!"
Kid Cudi in the game, mothafucker you should know it, biah!
I'm on my mothafucking V.I
Ask about a nigga, yeah came in so shy
Now I'm so fly with my
Bathen Apers
Most people know the game 'cuz we paper chasers
While I'm sitting back, chopping it up in Japan
With Neego in the van
And we rollin' like Damn!
And recipt that!
The camo' is hiddin
You see it with your glasses
Magnifyed for sizzle
If you see me with Snoop
We will be all in the coupe

And we smoking that kush
'till we up in the booth
Yeah V.I.P. is where you find me
But I be- the coolest mothafucka' "G" in the street
Not a "G", as in gangster, I'mma "G", as in grinder
Y'all niggas know the game, man the flow is a shiner
Shining like a star, or riding past a cloud
I scream Kid Cudi!
I scream the shit loud
'Cuz I'mma put it down from here to Chatanooga!
Mah' Cleveland City representers rollin' with them Moovas'
The niggas down in Cali', they roll up in a Bently
We show them what these niggas gotta grind for every penny
Hey, hey, hey, all off the dizome, all off the dizome, all off the dizome!
Shout to Busta Rhymes, shout out to Jayda, shout out to Jeezy, see you on the block man!
Holla' atta' nigga! Lemme' know whas' good
If you need a hook or verse, Kid Cudi is the goodness
Oh mah' gooooodness!
That's some goooood shit!
Mothafuckas' need to know I spit goooood, bitch!
I'm, I'm not a gimmick, niggas need to turn it up, mothafucka' please listen!

... Yeah, I'm extra good. Stop playing games! I'm here, I'm not joking this is a real movement...(echoes)

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