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Hello baby, guess who's back? (Yeah)
It's been a minute (I know you miss me, yeah)
Egh. Kid Ink
I said...

[Verse 1: Kid Ink]
Hello baby, guess who back? It's been a minute
I been fiending for your love like crack, from the beginning
When I didn't know you quite like that, knew we would hit it off
Now we somewhere getting lost, rockstars with no guitars
You ain't gotta wait no more, I got what you came for

I said fucking with me, promise that, you'll wake up with a hangover
Champagne, we celebrating for every day that we never ate
It's evident Imma never change, gonna be this way forever baby
Echelon keep elevating, bunch of bitches, hella haters
Add them up while I just keep it 100, estimated

Don't blame me, the pressure made me
Treat this game like Wrestle mania
Off top of the ropes, so high, hit the floor like...

[Hook x2]
Hello world (what up?), know it's been a minute
Hello world (what up?), made it out the city
Hello world, been all around the map saying "Hello baby, guess who back? I know you missed me."

[Verse 2: Kid Ink]
I said hold it baby just like that, I need a picture cuz
Ain't nobody gone believe, that I was with you now

Bizzack in the room, where we beez at in the party
About to kill it with one shot, you dearly departed
T-Take off, f-first class. Still ducking the po-po
All this money, I still get it for the low-low
World been, stone cold, so I stay, burning one
Roll up, all night, I been running from the sun
Trying to bring the trophy back, to the city
Whole team going "rah rah rah", representing

We on, everything is a go, never take a T.O. (here we go)
I know you missed me...


Hello baby guess who back? (Guess who's back)
Yeah I know you missed me
Made it out the city and the rest is all history

Hello world (what up?)
Hello world (what up?)
Hello world (I said), been all around the map saying "Hello baby guess who back? I know you missed me."
Hello world (what up?)
Hello world (what up?)
Hello world
Hello baby, guess who back?

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