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T-Shirts and Sneakers x 16

[Verse 1]
I might care about finer things
I might care about leather bags, or designer jeans
I might care about diamond rings
I might care about the clothes i see in the fashion zine
I might care about all of that
Driving shiny cars, coupes and cadillacs
I dont care about, how your wallet's fat
How much dough you hold is old news, holler back
I dont care about how you sell a gram of that
Gunplay, hood niggas pushing hammers back
Settle down Kid, where your manners at
Nowhere near the jungle, trying to bring camo back
I dont care about haters on the internet
They ain't said it to my face and meant it yet
I do care about alot of things guy
Like clean socks, a boombox and my


[Verse 2]
I got a thing for sneakers, couple pairs a weekend
Going anywhere, bring a bag for shoes im needing
Polish till theyre squeaking, busy sitting cleaning
Wipe the leather down, check the rubber, sure its gleaming
Color don't matter, but its gotta match the t this evening
No matter the pattern, where'd i get that shoe, secret
Dripped in color, i think i could be leaking
Check the number, if you miss it, sleeping
They only made a hundred, how'd you get one
I got a gang of people camped out, how its done
You'd never find this t cause, its the only one
I bought all the rest just for fun
They know me at the spots with the dress codes
See my face, damn near every day, let him go
People scream its unfair, but they know
You see the t on his back, shoes on his toes


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