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[Hook x2: Liam of Kids These Days]
Look back cry and I think of tears
Hope I haven't wasted all these years
Maybe I'm a waste of time
But tell me I'm not wasting time

[Verse 1: Chance The Rapper]
My darling Nicki, damn I love you
Don’t know what that means now, but I love you

I know that I was nowhere around
Holding you down doing shows knowing hoes was around

Shoulda had you til it was no one around, til I turned old, had a stroke, thirty toes in the ground
Through the fake smiles, you could’ve chosen to bounce
Before the wills and the lawsuits and the frozen accounts
Putting water under a bridge till it froze and we drown

Shouldn’t have paid for all these birthdays, the clothes and the clowns
And balloons, and as June prom time, girl’s clothes in the gowns
And if... I dont know if I should go that far..

But to see it and then to wake up and not is such a heart break
I don’t know if I should have started but…

My darling Nicki
Damn I love you
Don’t know what that means now
But I love you


[Verse 2: Vic Mensa]
Yeah, Namaste
I was calling out
Hopefully heard the sound

Would've been writing, but we were too busy tossing words around
I guess it's all connected
At the end of the day I can't be mad cause more than anything its self reflected
I shine a light into the foreground
I hope you see the floor now
Not to mention give it a couple of months and I'll be tour bound
She'll be waiting for me like she always was
But for now think about who number you dialed when you got out that courthouse
I wish that this was any consolation
For every sentence missed and lost and missing conversation

I think of you, You think of me
I think we've grown impatient
Should've used the reappointed time I feel like we've been wasting
But before my aid becomes my way man
I'mma keep it real
I need two or three mill
If not I'mma flip probably kill myself

We on the road to not see it go down that route
At the end of the day
What's the point in living life
If all your time is for you
And us is given away
What a waste

Look back cry and I think of tears
Hope I haven't wasted all these years
Maybe I'm a waste of time
Maybe I'm a waste of time

I don't know who I'm supposed to be (Maybe I'm a waste of time) x4

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