Killah Priest – The End Is Coming (Bonus) Lyrics

Produced By: DJ Woool

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[Killah Priest]
Are we speeding up the highways of life?
No hazard lights on, never stopping for gas
Never to think what we did wrong
Those freeway signs say we passed, says: "Slow Down"
But you on the road now
You see the accident; you figured you'll go around
So without your signal lights on you switch lanes
Into the other dude's path in the past we had big names
Radio on the forecast said there's black clouds and thick rain
Somehow you think of the cat you blasted in the past
"Thick Cash" was his nickname; we all brought up in hard luck
Elevators with beer bottle and piss stains
Or was it the ice in the mixture of the liquor
That made you sleep with your wife's sister
Or was it the ambulance lights that made you see the bright picture
You wake up; the horn's blowing, the engine running
The next sign up the road reads: "The End is Coming"

(Hook) Priest
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"

[Killah Priest]
So you put your hand back on the key, you turn the ignition
Taking off at full speed, a rider's ambition
Caught an empty bottle Tequila in the passenger seat
Glance up in the rear view mirror start patting your cheeks
Gotta stay awake, all the alcohol got you falling asleep
All the poisonous toxins your body absorbed in a week
Look in the same mirror again
See all your so called friends sitting behind you
And that remind you
Of all your mother's words that you was blind to
You lose control over your wheel
You begin to swerve beyond the lines and almost blew
Your tires, bad news for the driver
Your heart's racing fast, there's no off ramp for you to get gas
Just a dark crooked path, you pray patrol lights flash
But when you look through the glass your whole life pass
You see a sign up ahead, it's the toll
On the other side is the crossroad
The croak lady smiles, mother something
She said up ahead the accident one miles says:
"The End is Coming"

(Hook) Priest
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"

[Killah Priest]
The forming nature of man was designed as God planned
Till it was destroyed from the fruit from one hand
Then we built a fruit stand
A life reduction, reluctant to get sucked in
Our luck ends in the cuffs to the pens
Then there's a prayer discussions
Angels or devils, tough decision
When an narcotic is doing most of the discussion with us
Thank goodness we came to the status of a relic
Affectionately regarded, it's true
But it's irrelevant to our times
Devilishment fill our minds
And not to glorify it, cause I side with the righteous
It brings out life best in abundance
Dice bets up in the hundreds
Gamble with death, the price is set for us to be hunted
But what did the streets do for us?
But kill all of us, the morgue or the bus?
You lose your life or doing life
You decide tonight, [You come to a toll]

(Hook) Priest
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"

(Priest talking)
Just when you grab on to the wheel
When you're driving over will
It's man's will
It's not an actual car wheel
And your drive is what drives you
The motivation, understand that
Understand this road -
That we're up is a crossroads
We have to make a decision
And know "The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"
"The End is Coming"

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