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And the sea is now no longer

[Killah Priest]
A band of horses pullin' his coffin
Enormous, we followed, behind war, death thru dry bones
Hallowed be thy name, it rained his pain
God chariot of fire flowed above the walkin' Messiah
Spread peace and love, holdin' crucifixes and lighters
Outside wit the thieves and liers
Murder and hell stood by
Wavin' was the image of God
The Virgin begins to cry
Why mother, as she looks in the eyes of others
She said: "It's not for him but my children who suffered"
We got to the burial plot, the bottomless pit
Where he was dropped along wit the apocalypse
We watched from the top of the cliff
Then the Lord said: "It was the sun"
I unloaded my clip, this is done

Chill son, the funeral, his wake, the eulogy, the gate
Good night

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