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A fat fly boy, know I'm streamed aero
I just squoze up out the Camero
I'm looking fly, how fly? I'm a sparrow
It's real G, ho, to the bone marrow
I get you back today and see your ass tomarrow
I put the bullet through your tendons and your marrow
I heard your mama saying "naw! take me, Lord!"
You rap good? Put a bullet through your *vocal* chords
It's right nigga, get it on, I'm a real G
You sweet, Kool Aid, straight Hi-C
When I'm high, I swear I could see the G-O-D
Heaven in the mirror: I'm just seeing me..

It's God in the buiding, niggas better know that
A righteous rapper, yeah, hey I know crack
I sat right in front & trapped in front of your house
I had scholarships still: went to Moorehouse
I know pyrex, I know the good cook
An educated villain, I can ? a good book
A good book, a good magazine clipped on
I hit your house, have your girl get her strip on
I get your Benz homie, then I get the strip on
I'm on the Martin Luther King, you know, strip homes
You say you wanna find me, I'm at Thai Land
Tonight I'm with the G's, catch me in the blue flame..

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