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[1st verse]
Dudes always hit me
And I never write back

Told ya I trust you
Til' u fuck it all up

I won't even fight you
Act like I don't know you
Delete my number

Maybe you should go and...

[Hook 1]
Fuck some chick tonight that you just met
Does she know about the history we have
When you fucked that chick and you don't know her name

You just let me go fast as that dumb bitch came
Keep on saying that she meant nothing
I'mma move on and get me something
Cus We both know that I can do better
I don't need to hear it if you regret her
Cus I dont give a fuck
I'm affected none

[Verse 2]
Bottles of that nectar
I'm back on my old shit

I'm laughing at your new girl
She already on some new dick

This song ain't even about you
Its about me being faithful
To my God damn self
And putting up nothing

[Hook 2]
So why don't you fuck some chick tonight that you just met
I feel bad cus she dont know where that has been

When you fucked that chick and you didn't even know her name
You let me go fast as that cunt came
Keep on saying that she meant nothing
I'mma move on and get me some, some
Cus we both know that I could do better
I dont need to hear it

Ain't afflicted by shameless bitches
Who wanna be in the business so they get in bed
With a man whose clearly taken
To see how far it'll take em
Until shit goes bad

But shit it's all good

I'm at a party
You're feeling sorry
I'm moving forward
You're and you're where you started
I'll change my number
If you don't stop calling

You can play yourself
As for me, I'm not falling
For none of your shit
And none of your excuses

Don't tell me you didn't know
What you were doing

That bitch didn't show up
To fuck herself
You pulled it out
And you offered her some help

Do I even need to sing the last hook
I think I made my point
I'm over you...

[Hook 3]
Fuck some chick
Tonight that you just met
Was about to leave your ass
So I'm not mad

When you fucked that chick
How long did you even last
Maybe we wouldn't end so soon
If u didn't go so fast

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