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Hook (king abs) 2x
Im lurkin wit my youngins
& what we sip 100 (proof)
Fuck niggas can't tell me nuhin
Ya ain't sippin wat Im guzzlin (pause)

Verse (king abs)
King abs
The fuck is up
I Dnt believe that
You drunk as us
What you sipping on
That cup of juice

Got my pimpin strong
On That 100 proof

With bitches dawg
& they come in 2
What you trippin for
Can't Jus join the crew
Cause my circle tight
The books are close

Kne it ain't worth a fight
When we took ya hoes

Now they Rollin clean (Rollin clean)
Trippin off patron & E
They blown the team (blown the team)
Chicks loose off them senzu beans
Wylin out for the night in the city
Wylin with my niggas & we tryna get it
Trippin off that molly
She wet like a tsunami
Poppin that punani
While I kick it like karate
Fuck around? what you niggas came to do
What these niggas came to do?
Get flexxed out by my crew

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