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Uh, everybody welcome to the show now
Have your ID's in your hand here we go now
Single file now stick your arms out, for the pat down
Take a wrist band for the bar now

As soon as you pay your time
Stand off to the side til your niggers alright
Cuz we 'bout ten deep in that ten deep
Lookin' for ten freaks who wouldn't mind us in them cheeks

Nobody seen me in like ten weeks
Cuz I've been on the grind, killin' streets
Killin' pussy and killin' beats
Fresh paint, 28's, on the antique

Park in the front
Hop out the whip
Gave my nigga couple dollas
Just to watch that bitch

Now we in the party
And we got bacardi
And we lookin' for a fine freak
With a body

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