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Look At Me Now , Then Look At Me Later..
They Tell Me That They Love Me , But I Know That They Faking..
They See Im Gettin On , So They Conversatin..
But I Dont Really Care For Your Conversation , See..
I Pay Attention To My Momma Statements , She Tell Me That She Tired...
Can't Wait Till I Make It , She Say She Wanna House That'll Cost Alot ..
And She Tell Me That Im The Only Real Chance She Got , So Im Thinkin Bout That..
When Im Passin Out , Mixtapes For Free , I Ain't Cashin Out , And If Somebody Throw My Shit Down..
I Pick It Back Up , I Ain't Got Shit To Be Emabarassed About ,A Nigga Name Catchin Buzz ..
People Sayin Im Hot , But The Way A Nigga Livin You Would Think I'mma Flop , For The Past Three Summers..
I Ain't Really Live With My Mother , Shit.. I Been Goin House To House , How You Think The Shit Feel..
When You Ain't Got A Job , And You Hoping That Your Cousin Won't Kick You Out? , You Take Anything You Can Get..
It's Like The World Wanna Eat You , Swallow You , And Shit You Out And.. All You Really Want Is Somebody To Talk To..
Somebody Thats Real , Somebody To Heart You , Somebody To Feel You , To Help You Get Through , The Shit THat You Go Though
And Get To Know The Real You , Feelin Like Mildew , Sittin Inna Same Position , Is Waitin And Hoping , They"ll Listen..
Eventually , They Askin Who The Realist , Niggas Knowing I'll Kill It , Yeah You Feel It , But..
You Mother Fuckers Scared To Mention Me , They Say he Too Young , But They Loving His Energy , Rarely In The Lab..
But You Loving His Chemistry , Niggas Getting Offended , And They Tryna Get Rid Of Me , While Im Tryna Get In
And Make It Infinity , Literally , Never Take For Granite Your Ability , It Ain't About Talent
It's All About Your Energy , Everything You Go Through , Take Those Emotions , Put 'Em Inna Pot...
Onna Plate , Thats Devotion , We All Wanna Blow , Everybody Wanna Meal , Nigga , This Is Not Dro '
You Can't Blow And Chill , Shit , You Can't Chill And Blow , Nigga This Is Real Life , And..
The More That You Grow , The More That They Gone Hate You , Im Lettin You Know , And I Ain't Sayin Im The Best , But..
Im Better Then Most , Im Not A Rapper Thats A Nigga , I'mma Nigga That Raps , So.. When you Compare Me To Them
Consider The Facts... (Like That )

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