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[Verse 1]
I done came down, hold up
Grip the grain, roll up
And your girlfriend want a nigga like me
Cause I ain't tryin' to control her

She call me when she wants a change
Black diamond, my pinky ring
And she know you weak and we ain't the same
You hit the scene, I make the scene

I'm in her head like Maybelline
H-Town so I'm made for lean
I'm in her soul, I make her scream
I don't ride the toll, don't pay the change
I'm EZ tag like Peter Pan

She want a man, don't need a man
I'm flying down your boulevard
She cookin' dinner with your pans
Draped up, dripped out
Your bitch know what I'm taking 'bout
Pulls up, pull out
We get it poppin' in the parking lot
She like to do it with the lights on
Don't matter to me if it's dark or not

I'm G'd up, East up
Fossil pants, I'm hard as rock

Girl I know how much you really want somebody
Want somebody that don't really need you
Girl I know how much you really want somebody
Want somebody that ain't trying to keep
You heard what I said, that could put you to bed
That ain't tryin' to love you baby, just fuck you instead
And don't tell 'em nothing baby, you know that I'm comin' baby

Just hit up my phone whenever you need you some company
Got this drank in my cup, oh yeah
I got this drank in my cup
I got this drank in my cup, cup, cup

[Verse 2]
I done came down, came up
Slow pitch, change up
Same hood, same style, same drink, same cup
She call me when she wanna fuck
I never call, she knows what's up

Same page, same book, different song, same hook
Everytime her nigga trippin', she on the phone with the same crook
And everytime I pull up, she hit me with that same look
Lips bitin', hips right
She left her man for that get right
I'm in the middle, like midnight
Only if you got that sit tight
Only if you got that wine fine
Only if you got that sip type
Only if you got that mind bomb
Only if you got that zip tight

Eat that shit like wonton
Jokin' baby, I'm pimp tight
I'm used to bein' that one and done
But girl you got that g-get right


H-Town, oh yeah, I got this drank in my cup
I got this drank in my cup
I came down, hold up, hold up, I said hold up
Hold up, I done came down like hold up
Hold up, hold up, fuck, 'chea

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