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Simple as it feels right now
With you right now
Right here right now
It took all this time
All this time
All this time

[Verse 1]
They say I came a long way
And they don't mean I took the subway
Got sandals, but no candles
And shots fired for my birthday
In the kitchen, mom's missing
When she needs to cook for her children
In addition
I see killers on the corners taking lives like they on commission
But I keep on, on a mission
Survival is my addiction
And you people just love how I make it seem so simple


I say hi; introduction
She say hey; seduction
The talking the discussion
Might as well be in Russian
Cause I'm not paying no attention

She take me to a dimension
Where the mind is on suspension
But the body's on eruption
I used to be cold then she hold me close
And me fold like sheets so I love how she make it seem so simple

[Hook x2]

(So, so, so simple)
(So, so, so simple)

They make it seem so hard
They make you stay on your guard
Oh baby you won't believe
What the good days meant to me
They make it seem so hard
They make you stay on your guard
Seems like there's an enemy
Fighting our simplicity

[Hook x2]

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