Kool A.D. – Jaleel White Lyrics

Produced By: Young L

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I'm geekin', I'm tweakin', I'm freakin', I'm peakin', I'm faded
Hella swerve, hella perv, hella herb, done, inebriated (drunk)
Hella high up in the sky like a balloon
Hella twisted and lifted and piff made hella goon

I'm off that yak, that Henney, that nip, nip, nip, that tickle (twister)
Touching my thing, my slugger, my ugly, my bugger, my pickle (my penis)
Off that herb, that purp, that thing, that cheeba, them flowers
And I've been puffin' and burnin' and chiefin' for hella hours (a long time)
Rollin' up some of that
Yeah, baby, I got that Austin Powers
You gotta grow your own, don't fuck with ours
Yeah, baby, I got that Austin Powers
You gotta grow your own, don't fuck with ours


[Verse 1]
I feel like Jaleel White, tell me how you feel like
Hella rhyme, but I'm real right, hella dime but I feel tight
At the fun side, dumbo, dumbo, dumbo door
It's a real night in a cold summer
Man, I'm too bad, man, I'm too bad
Sitting on the waves like a do rag, you mad?
Cheer up, two of these finna get you all cleared up
Weird up from the beard up, toe up from the floor up
So what? Peter Pan, Lost Boys, no grownups, gang sold up
Drink poured up, small chain still cold like my chest froze up
But she lookin' like she finna throw up, don't do it
Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it


Man, I'm hammered, hammered, hammered
Off that bammer, bammer, bammer
Look at them dancers, dancers, dancers
Smile for the camera, camera, camera

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