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[Keith - voice lowered]
It's the motherfuckin Commi$$ion

A.K.A. Piscadon, piss went on
Ride to see Lon, pump devestating rollin with Devon
The flow clap before you leech on
You're a pound so Frank's go safe on
Expands and that's why Jersey pikin your chick
Rapid transit from Matawa, I'm a Ottawa
City love greens with the fennies the spark marker
Top shelf plasma bottles
I'm wearin that shit you never seen by Casabano
You've been Gabbano'd, binoco', you can't hang out
And get past where I go
Just local material, writin that same shit, with the cop shit
Always, layin the bullshit poems about the federales and the po'-po'
You can't, pop a 'matic, or a zero-B-oh like me
Boogie woe, you'd rather take the colored bars out your hair than fight me
You ain't built to write, think of somethin that's great, then type me
Play your skirt position, you somebody else wifey

Lyrical gym workout, amino acids, we do sell steroids
Lyrical gym workout, amino acids, we do sell steroids
That's right if you wanna press up and bench up for cheap
We do.. have.. steroids

Gun popper, cop dropper, mic rocker
I got a thousand flows that'll stop ya
Two lyrical niggas, me and the Doctor
Slow mo' you still shoppin your promo
90% of you cats that rap is homos
Act up I keep identical fo'-fo's
Catch me in L.A. ridin in low-lows
Me and my wife invite Hollyhood celebrities like Ice and Koko
You sucker ass niggas work for po'-po'
Your wife of twenty years is now a ho-ho
Let me let off steam rap elitists say I'm loco
When you see me clutchin the heat you quick to scream "OH NO~!"
Your mom shoulda told you not to fuck with JoJo

You toy-ass niggas, come get your steroids PUSSY!
We got it half price
Steroids, niggas, come get them fuckin steroids

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