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[Verse 1]
You like me (you like me)
I know you do

Don’t fight me (don’t fight me)
I’ll undress you too
You can bite me (you can bite me)
I know you like it rough
Insatiable, she can’t get enough

Never seen a girl so fly-ayayaya-ah

I’m all around the world, you got that fire-ayayaya-ah
She must be a alien, tearin’ up every bed she layin’ in

What is your species? (What is your species?)
I love the way you smell (I love the way)
What is your species? (What is your species?)
I don't know and I can’t tell (And I can’t tell)

Take me there, oh, take me there
Take me there, oh, take me there
Take me there, oh, take me there
Take me there, oh, take me there

[Verse 2]
Cutie don’t purr it (growl)
And a unique scent makes primates wild
The opposite’s the same but we’re all attracted
Acting like you're not means you're just acting

Hold up! (hold up) It’s the war of the worlds
They formed it in the shape of a girl
No super hatiest tans and she eats up men
Phone home cause you’re not alone


[Verse 3]
She's outta here (way out) of my atmosphere (way out)
If you never had it you’ll never will
Cause if you got it, you pay the bill
You know what I’m thinkin’ (I do)
You can see right through me

I’m kickin’ (you are?) from what you do to me
The lights go out, she comes on
I want some (but where are you from girl?)

Oh My God baby I really want (want some more?)
I’m really trippin' (off of me you are?)
Now baby listen I think I’m fallin’ (fallin’ in love with me?)
How do you know? (what you’re thinkin?)
You have no idea


Baby, what the hell are you?
What the hell I am?

Lyrics by: Irv the Phenomenal

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