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Class gather round right now
The session ain't over
Salaam {?} provide the beat
Uh, I think this will do
Gather round, yeah

You don't need to be stressing, you don't need to be guessing
The Obama Deception, that was just one lesson
The military got all kind of weapons
And most of them are pointed at us from different directions

You looking for the same look
You protesting they guns but you using they Facebook
Oh you don't get it yet?
The American military captured the world with the internet
You using military tools
And if you use these tools in school, you're in military school
Don't be fooled, man don't you realise
It's humanity that rules, God will not lose
It's not about what's outside of me
The question is what can you do without the use of technology
Can you sing, can you run, can you weave?
Can you draw, can you dance, can you perceive?

What do you believe?
Do you believe your world was ended on twenty-twelve at Christmas Eve?
Mind over matter, matter over mind
Where's the ladder? Either way we gon' climb

Up, up, up, up
Up, up, up, ho
Up, up, up, up
Up, up

I ain't finished yet, my skills ain't diminished yet
I'm that emcee that shows you how ill it get
Open your eye, tell me if you feel it yet
I hope you rely on your soul, did they steal it yet?
Well if they didn't, to you this was written
Get off the block before the Glock start ripping

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