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See I don't know what you've been told
Sooomebody told meee..
Never trust a man with a smiling face..
Just might be the day of life they take..

(ooOoooooooooo Oooooooooooo Ooooooooo ooOOOoooo)

[Verse One: Kutt Calhoun]
This here be a letter from the heart, does anybody listen anymore
I dunno what where how when why, no trust anymore
Everyone got the same look, hard to decifer what's real
My little homie Layne just got tamed but he copped 5 with a deal
Does that really mean that he snitchin when he's smile tellin' me that it's official
Guess I'm ganna find out in his discovery, if it's game that was spittin'
Can't even trust my own girl, I done fucked up too much
Keep havin' dreams of her fuckin other niggas, man it's just my luck

My own baby momma got it in for me when she tellin' me shits straight
Got a weird feelin' everytime I talk to her now we being taped
By some jealous ass bitch nigga thinkin' me and her in cahoots
Any given day and the federei speak no words when they shoot
This is what I deal with daily, ain't enough pills to lay me
Down to sleep I don't even trust a cheap life when you feel this crazy
That alone will decay me, lettin' all this realness fade me
Please look God, Heaven has a way let me see the real what's phazing?

[Hook] (repeat x6)
What's that smile you wearing
What's that smile you weeaarr

[Verse Two: Kutt Calhoun]
Look at Hill' Clinton when she speak, looking like the devil with a grin
Got it in for a building then can't wait to put it to an end
Hope Barack Obama got a plan, everybody waiting on you man
To get assassinated cause they all hatin' better be related to the clan
Hope you got a vest when it comes, Better yet a section of yard

Would be killaz who don't give a fuck sent to protect where you from
Look at John Melville's state, think he had a smile when he aimed?
Shot and killed life was sealed, hit an old lady in the face
The world is full of monsters, you can see it hide behind the grin
Watch the movie there's a hidden message cause I think they all devil advocates
Even momma when she on the drugs, different person when you give her hug
Everything you say and do is artificial when you got the poison in your blood
Don't go to church that much, found out the reverend is bold
Get the money, get the whip, get the house and get they feels on a 12 year old
But they smile all in your face, and then they tell you the Lord is great
I just hope they all burn in hell when I bail with a smiling face


[Verse Three: Kutt Calhoun]
Pac was a "Martin Luther King," died young cause he had a dream
To make it necessary for each and every man and women to make amends

Told us all to smile through the madness, couldn't understand what he had then
Now I recognise he was prophesized angel in disguise in his passing
Don't know what this shit mean, Good and bad through the same thing
Till I know I'mma walk around with a Gun before I let the streets take me
Stress level at a new high, look around everybody a suspect
The man at the liquor store, the women at the mall, ain't nobody worth trustin'
Smiles every motherfucking where nigga go everybody ain't happy
Where the snakes at show the comment, why the jealous ones was the one to cap me
Keep smiling I keep brawling and I feel like ima catch an end soon
Before you get me, I'mma get you, don't visit me up in the pen fool
Cause you just gonna come with a smile, sayin' everything's ok
When I know that's all just bullshit I'm never gonna see the light of day
I'd rather just talk to myself, I swear to god it's better that way
Cause I feel ain't nobody real like I'm real, There, now I said it
Good day!

[Phone Message - but it's really Tech N9ne]
You have exceeded your time limit!

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