La the Darkman – Fifth Disciple Lyrics

Produced By: 4th Disciple

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(Triple Darkness, Fifth Disciple, La the Darkman)

[La the Darkman]

Yo, yo, it's surprising, how I throw lines like Joe Theisman
Franchisin, then pause for the rap Heismann
My enterprisement, constantly watch cash
In the suana wit rich birds, fly as Stacey Dash
Understood, I'm young and good like Tiger Woods
When I let my tech spit, niggas be chestless
So respect this, Dark quotes surrounded by smoke
I'm ill-hole, like thirty-nine devils in that coat
I got juice, the New York City black Je-sus
Lay back, let the leaf burn as my fifth burn
Yo, the scar on my waist is similar to Scarface
Coke dealin niggas tryin to keep each others pace
For the taste of the Benzes, bitches, fly pictures
Is a daydream, wit chances like a slot machine
I talk real life, the La brings the evening news
Cuz all God children need travelling shoes
Catch the jewel

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