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Yo, Peace Just

Peace La

Yo what is the Knowledge?

Yo, the Knowledge is the foundation of all things in existence as the black man is the foundation to his family

Well, what is the Wisdom?

Yo, the Wisdom is the wise words spoken by the wise person to show and prove God does exist

Well, I hear that both of these are symbolic to 1 and 2. When you add 1 and 2 up what does that equal up to?

Yo that equals up to 3 which is the Understanding

And give me a better phrase for the Understanding so they can understand you

Ok the Understanding's a clear picture that one draws up in the mind of Knowledge and Wisdom, ok, which is perfectly understood by the all-seeing eye which is the mind

Ok brother I can go with that. Well I hear the Understanding is also the child, and I know that we must teach the children what?

Gotta teach them the freedom and the truth

And what is the truth so they may stand in what though?

A square of Pure Righteousness, hmm

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