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(Verse 1)
Bitch I'm back up in this shit and I'm fuckin' out of line
Lil Ace up in this, bitch, Latin Prince of Fuckin' Rhymes
Im not gonna lie but I don't bang
Latin Hustle is the only thing I bring
Lil Ace in this shit doin what I do best
My motto is fuck my life, fuck the world, and fuck the rest
Wanna fuck with us you get a bullet in your chest
Homie we don't front cuz we know we the best
Shout out Young-E & Lady Flow them kids got my back
We have all that fuckin' swagger and thats what y'all bitches lack
Love me or hate me bitch I don't give a fuck
Mess with Latin Hustle bitch you'll run out of luck
Latin Hustle Squad bitch don't fukkin hate
Eat your ass alive bitch im hungry and haven't ate

(Verse 2)
This the 1st impression, homie, let me do my thing
When I make it big ima have all of dat fukkin bling
Latin Hustle Squad bitch give us our championship ring
I know you want more let me see what I could bring
Raised in the ghetto homie shout out Drew Street
My rhymes taste like candy that shit is too fuckin' sweet
Give me beats, pens, and paper you won't come out alive
Latin Hustle in this shit bitch I got a lot of time
Murder beats and kill the rhymes bitch that's what I live for
Don't bother me bitch I'll kill your ass
Can't match up to what we got in store
Taking out haters, snitches, we start from the core
Bitches get a lot but they ask for more
Fuck with Latin Hustle and you'll get your ass torn
This is hip-hop shit don't confuse dis for a poem
Fuck it man thats all I have time to go back home

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