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"Federal agents made cause I'm flagrant
Tapped my cell and the phone in the basement."

Better than the middle man
Im confident my whisper can
Paint the perfect picture man
A steel pastel from sam falls
Theres no art at the mall
Theres no art in your house
Give me something , mouse face
Like a french film noir, noomi rapace
Or a black car, chevy no bentley
By the seaside, tires on fire
The color of the lightning
Frightening. Walter de maria
Her mascara chiara oscura
In the eery cabana

Black and white, one night
A bowie imposter
Only door is in the alley
The door code is sally
Ninenteen eighty two
What you gonna do ? with that silly crew
Motherfuckin agnew
A jill sander original
That bitch is so trivial
Shoes are crack with a phat ass
About to bivouac in the smoke
The dog of the fog, elope with the dope
Empty as a pond
For the city is a pity when you life is too gritty
And memory has got the best of me

A hundred girls, before
Talkin through my door like phantasms
The floor becomes a chasm
In my silk pajamas
One night, and one fight
Inspiration flashes
Basquiat to mondrian
Fake eyelashes, car crashes
Stash it in the ikon
Contemporary fashions
Tell me where the years go
Said the misanthrope
Molierre in the midnight air
Top down on the road to nowhere

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