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[Verse 1]

I’m about mind over matter and material gestures
I ain’t fucking wit no dudes unless he fucks with my senses
Manipulate that body language like I’m telekenetic
When I get that body high and put em under mi sensi
I get dangerous and patois is just a metaphor
You ain’t even schooled on all the creole shit i’m repping for
Bitch I Binya Binya. Gully gully island let em know
Where was u in ‘95? Where I was in ‘94
Lick the ankh don’t fake the funk
Splish splash dip dive and dunk
Take the ghost out the shell like we're megatech
Get addicted to my realness like it’s internet


Get raw
Get live

Get right

Mind body. Mind body. Body mind

[Hook 2]

Mind the gap. Work ya feet. Work ya back
Cut the crap. Make it juke. Make it clap

[Verse 2]

Try to read & tally me? You're bananas for blasphemy
I do a sailor moon transformation so handsomely
So quick and rapidly, I assemble up the cavalry
You know we're armed & dangerous & talented & camp & street
I’m touching up on your chakra are you nervous yet?
I start on the violet side and heal you all the way to red
There’s your body. Where’s your mind, where’s your head?
Third eye wide open and your mouth well fed. okay
Toss that ish like mesclun. Jerk it like it's venison
Got you seeing things like acid, shrooms, and mescaline
Stud me up, cuff me up, accessorize me, hypnotize me
Don’t vandalize me. Just jack your body


Get raw
Get live
Get right

Mind body. Mind body. Body mind

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