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[Verse 1]
They hear me coming through
Crystal clear
Something new

Bloggers got some shit to do
Catching up with the who

L-E-F-T-B-O whY?
Because they need me here

I'm the one thats making love to everybodys inner ear
We got a winner here
Captain of the drunken ship
Everyone inside my crew is lovin all this funky shit
Because it's ill, it's dope, it's sick, it's fresh, it's tight
And you know I'm right because I

[Hook 2x]
Get high so I can get low
I'm Jack Sparrow when I smoke 'dro
Any way that the wind blow
They know I've got a sick flow

[Verse 2]
All across the seven seas
Everyone can suck on these
Nuts god in heaven please
I'll be home at seven ease up
I'll be running shit
Even when I'm running slow
Pocket full of Benjamins, closet full of hoes
I got a swag in my step
A blue bag on my jet
With two hits in it that are not the half of it yet
I'm goin in like a minor
Soon to be major

Player in the game
Brighter than a laser
Cause I

[Hook 2x]

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