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[Verse 1]
Look, it's 2013, negus still ouchea grindin
Still have the will to be shinin like diamonds
Shit comin straight off the top of my head
My rhymes are alive, your's are dead
Layin in my bed gettin head
Ur mums deepthroating my dick until her face turn red
My main bitch is gay, no Fred
My goons ridin on that white, no sled
I got the Mos b, no Ted
Just trying to survive through school...Ned
Let me break this shit down, it's sorta complex
I'll write it like a list, no Complex
Jimmy Neutron sized cruetons in my salad
You got a brick for me? Negus pls mail it
I'm bringing back that 70s flow, Van Halen
Your rhymes more boring than a talk show, Jimmy Fallon
Cocaine laced with lean, lean laced with weed
Throw some meth in the blunt thats all a yung negus really need
Yo let me catch the beat, I'm livin in the streets
Fuck with me I got the heat, going for that 3 peat
Let me wrap this shit up, no Christmas present
If you a pleb don't even fucking read this you fucking peasant

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