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Based freestyle, bitch, it's the domain
Bad bitch hunna
I'm a find some bitches to come fuck me
Cause I look great tonight

And I hear that she fuck around with me
Cause you know I'm the man
These hoes fuck me because I came with the swag
Yeah, I'm base, God know I gotta get with you

Happy Halloween, bitch, fuck around with me
Yeah, I'm base and I came in with the three
Yeah, I'm base and I came in, swagger free throw
I'm a fuck the bitch cause she know where that be
Flying around with the chopper same color as chop
I'm a tell you this about them niggas with the choppers
Riding around town and I fuck them bitch on car go
Tell this bitch I'm fucking around with dollar
You know, dollar, freaking low dollar
Tricking fucking dollars on my motherfucking problem
Ride around with town people cause you know I'm gonna stop 'em
Ride around the town, bitch, you know I'm gonna solve 'em
Fifth wheel solver, third wheel problem
Fifty thousand dollars and you know I'm training robbers
Fifty thousand dollars, I fuck the bitch in the back door
Yeah, I'm based God, stay straight with them other
Yeah, I'm based God, got bitches in accordion
Yeah, I'm based God, got bitches in the front square
Yeah, I'm based God, got hoes on the corner
Bitches see bitch and they're all gonna be on it
36 bitches and I look quite a loner
Happy Halloween, butch, I fuck you in the corner
Yeah, I'm base God, I got money in the loaner
Yeah, I'm base God, I got money in a form
Yeah, I'm base God, I got them bitches in the loan
Yeah, I'm base God, I put them hoes in the corner

Fifty thousand dollars for the hoes and out them
Fifty thousand, I'm getting wild
I'm a show you what you want, see, I'll show you flexing
Fifty thousand and I'll show you flexing
Yeah, I'm flex, oh, God, all flexing
I'm a go south and I'm a show them bitches
I'm a show these bitches who got the bitches
I'm a show these bitches that I came to with it
I'm a come to swag and I'm just motherfucking past it
Shine south to all my hoes, coming with it quickly
Yeah, I'm base God, I came in fucking busy
36 bitches that they call me king richy
36 hoes and they call me wealthy man
Fuck the ho, God damn it, God damn it, I'm the man now
Damn, this guy came in with the fifty swag, I'm a come with thirty four
You know 'bout that thirty three
You know about the clips in the background
You know about the chopper with the dirty lens
You know about that chopper with the pistol grip
You see that pistol grip, I'm a show you're pissed, though
Happy Halloween, fucking bitch, based freestyle

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