Lil B – Beat The Odds Lyrics

Produced By: Trey G.

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Ain’t gotta say too much on this
Momma working all day, I’mma pray to God
If I don’t make it in the world, please protect my mom
The pressure on the teenage man, I can understand
I just turned twenty myself
, the world be a cold place
See, our life is real, but ain’t nobody see a life to feel
When I ride I feel so kind of way that …
Relates to real
So I understand how you feel
I’m a loner too, I’m online
Just to watch the news

When I upload, I appreciate the views but you don't
Gotta watch me, you don’t gotta like me
So if you ride with me, shit, I’m riding for life.”
I never had nobody that cared accept a few close friends
Everybody was scared because I didn’t know myself
That particular time is when I’m always writing rhymes
And speaking my mind I…
.. “to keep my head right and buy my moms a home
..don’t stop, ..don’t stop
I work every day is a come and go

To keep my head right and buy my moms a home!
..don’t stop, ..don’t stop

I’m feeling so many times I didn’t learn the lesson
Hope I’m not an example, hope you really see my message
I do this for my family and everybody that respected
But time fly fast and I’m feeling resentment!
I don’t think about my best I’m moving fifty percent
If I … thirty five in the…
…if I’m thinking I win
But where I grew up, either you sink or you swim
S it’s crabs in the bucket you heard that phrase
But everybody got a chance to shower and praise

So I’m.. to change the whole way of thinkin, peepin
Wrote a book 19, I hope that Jesus reads it
A lot of people thought I’m dumb like an underachievement
Cause my grades wasn’t good, but I was smoking that…

But my mom said son, if you keep believing
You can be anything, just keep on breathing!

And I try to stay clean, but drugs is pain
This is something in my brain since a early age

And I'll neva fall off, but this is word to god

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