Cooking Dance Lyrics

Ft: Soulja Boy


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[Intro: Soulja Boy]
Where you at?
I'm in da kitchen
What you got do?
I got da dishes (Bitch, Ho)

[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]
Nigga dis my cooking dance, cooking dance
This my cooking dance
I'm in da kitchen and I'm whipping up that other dance
I can't think of nothing to rhyme with that
But suck my (you can suck my) dick bitch cause I'm worth a hunnid racks

My cooking dance, cooking dance (Based God) dis my cooking dance
I'm in da kitchen and I'm whipping up my cooking damn (Dre)
I can't think of nothing to rhyme with that (swag)
But suck my dick cause I'm worth about a hunnid stacks
Cook, cook, cook, cook, drive, drive, drive, drive
(aaaahhhh) Driving down the road, right by the ocean
I got bitches (swag) on my toes (Dre)
(Pretty boy swag) Pretty boy swagging all you fucking ho's (I do this)
This one for the females (I do this)
Cooking in da kitchen, whipping up da dishes
Pounds in da trash can, Soulja do da dishes (Gucci!)
Smoking on dat perks white (swag) berry (swag) I'ma hustla (ok)
Use to staying basted (yea) dis is why dey hating (yea)
Cause I’m on that Simpson Road, that WestSide since in ‘99
I was smoking hell of perk and dem ho's was looking fine (Let's do dis)
I was young den' wit dem Jays dat ain't came out yet
Now I'm old, laid to rest, a hunnid thousand cash my check I'm cooking

Cook, chef, steak, knife, (knife) knife, chef, (whoop) chef, chef, cook, cook, (swag) knife, chef, pots, chef, pots, and I got nothing to rhyme about

[Verse 2: Lil B]
Young BasedGod suck my dick when they came out (swag)
All deez bitches know that we know them, obvious
All deez bitches know dat we cash (swag) obvious (swag)
All deez (swag) bitches know dat we got (cash) money obvious (swag)
All deez bitches know (swag) dat they fucking us (swag) obvious (whoop)
God damn, we came in wit dat big swag
God damn Based God, God damn me swag (swag x4)
(whoop) Nigga swag into da millennium
Pretty boy here mane (whoop) we swag (whoop) den we trill em' (swag swag)
Cause we trill (whoop) and kill em (whoop)
Real drawn niggas (whoop) from da hood (swag) dat we kill (swag)
Hope he's not (swag) no kill, (swag) cocaine audio
God damn came (yes) in I'm feeling like Fabio (whoop)
Feeling so (swag) fabulous I can not (swag) believe it's not butta
Bitches suck my dick cause I looks like dey brotha
No incest (cest) bitch cut dat check (swag)
Young Bass God (whoop) wit (whoop) 50 on dat neck

Cook, chef, chef, cook, knife, (knife) steak, chef, steak, pots, cook, (chef) pots, (Soulja) knife, steak, (Bass God) knife, (whoop) cook, steak, chef, pots, chef, pots, chef, cook, knife, chef, knife, steak, steak, knife, pots, cut, pots, cut, steak, (cook) chef, pots, chef. (whoop)

Dis my cookin' dance
Yea Soulja Boy, BasedGod, this' my cookin' dance
Soulja Boy this' our, this' our cookin' dance (chef) (swag)

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